Now that we’ve crowned our first Big Brother Canada winner, we’re checking in with a new houseguest each week to see what their life has been like since leaving the house and what they really think of the final two.

This week, we checked in with Alec Beall to see what he’s been up to.

How did Big Brother Canada change your life?
I’ve been watching Big Brother US my entire life and participating in the first Canadian season was an absolute dream come true.  I didn’t aspire to be on the show because I wanted to use it as a platform for my career, or to become famous, or to be well-liked, I wanted to be on the show because I love Big Brother.

There is something abnormal about hardcore Big Brother fans. We sit in our living rooms and watch strangers interact with each other, watch relationships form, watch bonds break, watch real people with real smiles, real tears, and real emotions. We take solace in escaping from the real world into the realm of simulated reality. We garner immense joy from choosing heroes and villains based on who makes us laugh, who makes us cry and who makes us shout uncontrollably at our television screens.

Watching Big Brother changed my life long before I entered the house but, just knowing that I may have played a small role in the entertainment of some anonymous person (with feelings, thoughts and aspirations just as important as anyone else’s in the world) sitting in their living room on any given Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday means more to me, as a fan of the show, than I could ever explain.

What are you up to now?
Since being on Big Brother Canada, I’ve been extremely busy catching up on my research projects that were on hold while I was away. I recently gave my first academic talk at an international research conference in Washington, D.C.,  and am preparing to give another one in Miami next month. Basically I’m trying to make up for lost time in the pursuit of my PhD in social psych and hope to become a doctor before Brendon Villegas of BBUS12/13 (Ha!).

Other than that, I’ve just been kicking around Vancouver, hanging with the better half of The Sheyld (Peter) and basking in his reflected glow of awesomeness. We’re currently doing an aftershow for BBUS15 every Wednesday after the live eviction on Peter’s YouTube channel.

How do you feel about Jillian winning?
I feel bad about the circumstances under which Jill won. Regardless of who I wanted to win, I’d have preferred the champion of Big Brother Canada to have been crowned with no controversy. I feel bad for her because the voting debacle stole a bit of the thunder away from Jill’s game. It’s an incredibly difficult contest and the winner should always be the main headline after the finale. That being said, I can’t give Gary enough credit. Detractors will say that Gary was voted out midway through and didn’t deserve to win under any circumstance. However, I still contend that Gary won the most difficult competition of all (the vote back into the house), had an uphill battle/was a target since day one, and played a phenomenal game after re-entering the house.

Do you think you’ve made any lasting relationships/friendships?
Yes! Peter and I will continue to be good friends until he dies (I will outlive him since all he eats are chicken nuggets and cheese pizzas) and then, when I die (much later), we will likely be friends in heaven (or hell). (Most likely hell.)

Additionally, I’m totally planning on keeping in touch with all of my BBCAN family in one way or another. It’s really a shame that we don’t all live in Vancouver!

If you could only share one thing you learned from being on Big Brother, what would it be?
One of the major things I learned from being on the show is that there is no “right” way to play Big Brother. Each cast is different, and each is comprised of 12 or more people with very different conceptions of how to play the game.

I’d like to share my keys to making it far on Big Brother Canada:

  1. Win comps to get you further and convince the jury in the end that you are a great competitor OR don’t win comps because you’ll get lots of blood on your hands and people will see you as a threat.
  2. Be very likable to the group because if you are unlikable, you’ll piss people off and they’ll want you out OR be unlikeable to the group because no one will take you to the end if they think the jury likes you, also, people like to keep unlikable people around because it takes the target off of them.
  3. Get into a showmance if you can, showmances are great because you’ll always know that someone has your back and will support you no matter what OR don’t get into a showmance because it will put a target on your back, plus what if your showmance ends up turning on you?
  4. Be a floater. The biggest targets are the ones who have numbers behind them, in general, people don’t see floaters as threats OR don’t be a floater because “competitors” want to go to the end with the best of the best, plus if you’re a floater you’ll have no chance of convincing the jury you played the best strategic game and deserve to win.
  5. Be super smart, people will want to align with the people in the game who think they can get them the furthest by making strategic game moves OR be a moron, people love to take morons to the end because they have no chance of winning competitions and are easily manipulated.

I could go on, but you see what I’m saying. The thing that makes this game so great is that there is no “right” way to play the game, and even though every person who watches has an opinion of who they think “played the best game” the only people’s opinions who matter are the seven sitting in the jury.

Is there anything you want the fans to know?
To know me is to tweet me and I respond to everyone. Follow me at @alecbeall.

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