Big Brother has gifted fans some of the funniest one-liners, so we’re taking a look at some that still have us laughing. Three of our picks are from fan-favourite Season 12 when Rachel Reilly first entered the Big Brother house. Coincidence? We think not!

Rachel may have found love on Big Brother, but she also found a lot of enemies. None were as vocal as Regan who let Rachel know exactly what he thought of her upon her brief return from the jury house.

Britney’s dislike of Rachel may not have been as direct as Regan’s, but her Diary Room confessions made her opinions very clear.

The only Season 12 houseguest on Rachel’s side was Brendon. After professing his love and attempting to sabotage his own game for a girl he just met, most fans would agree giving up half a million dollars isn’t the smartest move.

Going back to the beginning Chilltown provided, and continue to provide the best commentary Big Brother has ever known. Brrring Brriiiing!

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