We’d be lying if we said we didn’t love keeping our peepers peeled and focused on the Big Brother houseguests. The main reason? The eye candy runs rampant all season long. So in honour of the Big Brother Canada series premiere (it’s only three weeks away!), we’re taking a look back at some of the hottest contestants to ever grace our TV screens.

From left to right: Frank Eudy, Daniele Donato; CBS.com, Jeff Schroeder; Facebook.com, Cassi Colvin, Shane Meaney; CBS.com.

Frank: Known for his camera-ready mane, we’ve got to hand it to Big Brother 14‘s Frank for giving the ladies a run for their money in the hair department.

Daniele: This young Big Brother 8/13 houseguest was able to nab the man of her dreams (fellow contestant Dominic Briones) while in the house – an impressive feat, if you ask us!

Jeff: This Big Brother 11/13 contestant may count himself an actor and model, but we’d love to see him bring his muscles back to reality TV again soon.

Cassi: During her time on Big Brother 13, Cassi’s stunning smize was one for the books.

Shane: This 26-year-old counts working out as one of his fave activities. After watching him on Big Brother 14, one thing was for sure: it’s paying off!

From left to right: Keesha Smith; EW.com, Russell Kairouz; TVFanatic.com, Britney Haynes, Hayden Moss,: CBS.com, Jordan Lloyd; TVFanatic.com.

Keesha: A Hooters waitress, Keesha was definitely Big Brother 10′s blonde bombshell.

Russell: This mixed martial arts fighter (from Big Brother 11) isn’t known as “Russell the Lovemuscle” for nothing!

Britney: From playing Big Brother 12 to Big Brother 14, Britney was always a picture-perfect contestant.

Hayden: Chock full of athleticism and charm, it’s no wonder Hayden won Big Brother 12!

Jordan: Jordan’s striking looks and super sweet personality helped her take home the win on Big Brother 11.

Big Brother Canada fans, don’t miss the premiere (and hot new houseguests!) on February 27th at 9pm ET/PT followed by Big Brother Canada After Dark airing seven days a week from 2am-5am ET/11pm-2am PT.


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