On episode 3 of Money Moron, Gail Vaz-Oxlade tries to get to the root of Jessica’s debt secrecy in order to keep this young family together. Watch Jessica and Chris’s episode now!

We followed up with Jessica and Chris to see how life has changed after the episode wrapped.

Jessica and Chris: It was a very positive experience. We found Gail to be a truly genuine and knowledgeable resource. The time she took to help us figure out our budget and balance it was extremely appreciated. She is a force to be reckoned with but has a kind soul. She helped us beyond our financial trouble, which was exceeded our expectations. Our relationship now involves way more team work and collaboration. We have a clear vision of where we are going financially and are working together to get there. The film crew was great to work with. They helped us feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation. We certainly miss them invading our home.

- Jessica & Chris

Gail’s reminder: Own Up to Your Debt

Often when people get into debt they’re tempted to ignore the problem in the hope that if they don’t think about it, they won’t have to deal with it. But there’s no shame in getting into debt. The shame lies in refusing to do anything to get yourself out of it.

If you’re having difficulty getting out from under a large debt, start by creating a debt repayment plan using the attached worksheet. Use this to plot out a manageable regular payment scheme that prioritizes payment of your highest-interest debts first. Next, fess up to those in your life who are closest to you. By getting others on board, you’ll have allies who can help keep you on track with your payments, and remind you not to spend foolishly elsewhere.

Download: Debt Repay Worksheet

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