Episode 4 begins with a lunch (surprise, surprise) hosted by Ramona for Carole, Aviva and Sonja (who ditches in favour of lunch with the Countess…a fact that would no doubt induce the famous Ramona eye-pop if she knew). The lunch, like almost every lunch on the show, was Ramona’s attempt to create alliances. With new cast members comes the opportunity for new friendships and most importantly, new enemies…

We’re only four episodes in but Ramona’s already on the outs with Heather, and now she’s working on creating good “synergy” with Carole and Aviva. Ramona tends to make fast friends, who become enemies even faster, so I’m interested to see how these new relationships play out. Aviva is far too sweet for this show, and I’m concerned she’s in over her head, whereas Carole’s street smarts and critical eye make her perfect for dissecting the dizzying “friendships” between the cast members.

While Ramona’s canvasing for supporters, LuAnn and Sonja lunch and talk about…drum roll please…Ramona! LuAnn and Ramona’s relationship will clearly take centre stage this season, since they’re the only two “originals” left. LuAnn attempts to undermine Sonja’s relationship with Ramona by insinuating that Ramona has a tendency to control her friends, but Sonja adamantly corrects her, “No one controls Sonja.” Amen sister.

I’m concerned for Sonja’s relationship with Ramona. It’s one of the few friendships on the show that seems entirely genuine. Sonja always has Ramona’s back, but Ramona’s so intent on drawing lines in the sand, and establishing sides, that she might just find herself on the outs with her closest friend.

As awkward as both those lunches may have been, nothing compares to Carole’s outing with Tripp to visit the Wall Street protests. The irony of a woman who’s being followed by a team of cameramen for her own reality show asking, “Do you think we’re part of the one percent?” was a lot for me. I’ve loved the addition of Carole because she’s been so down to earth and clever, and she calls out the other housewives, but come on Carole, comparing a dinner on the Upper East Side to Kandahar? You know better…

It’s all about the London trip for the rest of the episode. Ramona meets with Heather in the hopes of receiving an invite, even though she’s been trash-talking Heather all over Manhattan. Drinks take a bad turn when Heather, in a passive aggressive manner without even making eye contact, tells Ramona that she’s not really sure if they’re friends.

We’re left with the age ol’ debate: does social courtesy require us to invite everybody to our party? Or in the case of the real housewives, is it necessary to invite a woman you recently met to your “Mama needs a break” London getaway? It’s a case of playground politics.

Aviva tries to explain to Heather that the feelings Ramona has are as basic as those we felt as children: it sucks to be left out (and also manages to sound like a child herself when she expresses her disappointment to miss out on a trip with the “cool girls”). Heather points out that they’re not children anymore. I was happy to see Heather bring a dose of maturity to the conversation. Heather is by no means perfect (she can really put her foot in her mouth), but she’s logical and straightforward with the women. We haven’t had anyone this blunt since Bethenny.

So what’s in store for us this season? A trip to London is bound to cause some drama, as any vacation with these women tends to do. The relationship between Ramona and Heather will no doubt continue to fester, but I think Ramona might have finally met her match in the Yummy Mummy. And speaking of mommies, I’m beyond excited to follow along as LuAnn looks into the possibility of having a child with Jacques. There’s nothing like a baby to really drill home that this is REAL LIFE. LuAnn claimed to have been on prenatal vitamins for two years when she visited the acupuncturist, so it sounds like she’s committed to making this happen, which leaves one burning question: who gets to be Godmother?

Stay tuned for the royal recap next week as the women take jolly ol’ London by storm — and catch up on any episodes you missed in our video centre.

Mia Shulman is a lifestyle editor and writer. She’s a longtime devotee of the Real Housewives franchise and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Ramona’s Pinot Grigio in Canada.