I was approached to do the first season, but I did not because of a work schedule conflict.

When the second season got the green light, I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to create a platform for myself because the first season was so successful. Initially, I though it would be great for business only and did not fully understand the power and responsibility of being on national television.

There were many ups and downs during the season, and I probably exposed my not-so-nice side, but let’s admit it: we all have one. Now, I want to use my TV presence in a positive matter and give voice to issues that are important and relatable. I was very inspired by my amazing castmates who are giving back to the community and speaking about important issues, such as special needs children, tuberous sclerosis, alcoholism, animal abuse and poverty. Helping people is very important to me and I think making a small difference in the world or even in someone else’s life is a huge accomplishment.

On the show, I spoke about issues of immigration, and how hard it is to start over in a new country with a different language, laws and rules. It was an incredible challenge for my parents especially, but for me as well. As I look back at filming the show, I don’t think I let myself be as open as I could’ve been about the difficult things in my life. Now, I am very excited. I have a mission and mixed with my ambitions I think I will be able to make a difference.