In the first episode I said, “money changed me. It made me realize I want more.” (Thanks to one of my Twitter followers for taking notice.) I would like to talk about that. There is no shame in wanting money and having money. It is just a way to prove  yourself and to realize yourself in this world.

People sometimes judge and refer to women who like money as “gold-diggers,” which I think is unfair. First of all, the stigma still exists that men are the ones who are in more control of the finances, even though there are tons of women who are millionaires. There is nothing wrong with a woman being supported by her man. Second, I think money is just another way of showing affection. Like in the animal kingdom, if a male kills, it brings the prey to feed his family, same goes for a man — his money is his prey, so he brings it home to his woman to show his love.

However, for me it is really important to be independent. Money is power, and I like power and control. I am extremely creative and entrepreneurial. There are so many things I want to do in life. I am totally focused on developing my career as an art dealer right now. (I will write about my love of art in another blog post.)

Because I want to follow my dreams and work in the industries that interest me (cultural industries), I am expanding into fashion. I am very excited to be working with a fashion label from London created by my Russian friends called Xsenia & Olya. It’s a beautiful fashion line that places emphasis on the quality of materials, innovative print techniques and enhancing the female form. I am also looking into the music industry, and getting involved on the production side.

My vision for my company Creative Art Management (website is being developed) is to amalgamate the three sectors that are all considered ART in my books: art, fashion and music. I have a number of visual artists that I am working with, in talks with another fashion label beside the Russian one and a few talented musicians that I would like to represent. I understand it is a challenging undertaking, and they are all completely separate industries, but I will work hard to make it work.

Go big or go home!

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