When it comes to equestrianism, it grounds me and keeps me stable…ha! Stable, get it?

Whether it’s training for competition or riding for recreation, they both give me the same amount of pleasure and fulfillment. I was born with this passion and I am very blessed to have horses as a huge part of my life (considering the expense based on the level I am involved in).

I am beyond blessed to have a true, loving, talented, perfect gentleman like German Gigolo — I call him “Giggy” for short. I hope to bring awareness to riders and non-riders alike, so they will always support and respect our noble best friends, to keep them safe and protected. We have made great history with these beautiful animals: mail express for communication, stage coaches for travel, equine therapy for rehabilitation, and representing countries in the Olympics.

No other animal on earth has contributed to our human needs like the horse. Now let’s all bow our heads and pray, “Dear Lord, thank you for creating our magnificent horse. Amen.”

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