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Remy is nothing short of a true miracle, she was asphyxiated for 17 minutes at birth and spent her first 207 days of her life at Children’s Hospital. She was on oxygen for three years and tube fed for four years. Despite Remy’s bleak prognosis, she has beat so many of the odds, brought so much joy to our family and taught us the true meaning of life. She has been our greatest teacher and I believe she is an angel.

On February 13th 2012, Remy choked on a piece of steak that collapsed both of her lungs. She did not take a single breath of her own for 22 minutes. My housekeeper was giving her CPR until the paramedics arrived, but they thought she had already passed away when they rushed through the door. Miraculously she still had a very faint, “nearly undetectable” pulse — she was moments from death.

I will never forget three life support teams, firefighters, police and even a medical helicopter flying above my home. When Remy arrived at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, they had tried two instruments to remove the steak from her lung over a four-hour period with no success. They had to do emergency surgery and insert tubes into her lungs that were coming out of the sides of her body. Finally after a long talk they told me that they had only ONE last chance to remove the steak and that they were going to have Children’s hospital ICU medical response team walk them through the “one last try” to remove the steak over the phone…If it was not successful they would have exhausted all avenues and Remy would not be going home. It was the longest, most horrific night of my life, every parent’s worst nightmare. I was in absolute shock and screaming and crying hysterically. Finally a few hours later the doctors came into the waiting room and told us it was a SUCCESS!!!!

However Remy was a long way from being out of the woods, as she was now on full life support and in a coma. The doctors did not know if Remy would ever come off of life support, that is how bad it was. All I could keep focused on was that she was ALIVE..

The lack of oxygen for 22 minutes had created severe carbon dioxide in her body, meaning they did not know if any of her organs were still intact, as one naturally worries about the brain, but the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen etc. all take a dramatic hit from a lack of oxygen. A very long story short, Remy came out of a coma, with NO organ damage whatsoever, no brain damage and no permanent setbacks. I am a true believer in God, the universe and a higher power however one sees it, this little girl was not ready to leave this earth, she still has a long beautiful life to live.