The Real Housewives of Vancouver stylist Michelle Addison shares her professional fashion insight into Jody Claman’s wardrobe.

What fun I had working with Jody! She never revealed what she was planning to wear until the last moment — and I really doubt it was planned. What Jody does well is wear fashion with a purpose. Her purpose is to be over-the-top, bold, outrageous and her fashion mantra is most likely “more!”.

Out of all the housewives, Jody rocks an extreme look. It’s often overheard in the other wives’ homes, “Will it really matter what I wear? Jody will be wearing a tutu and a tiara.” It might matter, but no one can compete. A pink girly dress, a gold leather jacket and a sombrero…Jody always keeps you guessing.

As the stylist for The Real Housewives of Vancouver Season 2, this is pure gold. Between her crazy leopard coat, sequin dresses, fur- and silk-trimmed Lanvin gowns, not everything was exactly my aesthetic, but I was happy to help her accessorize and make sure everything was in place. I definitely encourage bold choices and Jody was my frontrunner in this category.

The last time I talked to her she was planning on showing up in a bikini and a bathing cap to her interview. Girls everywhere can learn a little something about fashion from Jody: wear what you want and wear it with confidence and most definitely don’t pay attention to what anyone thinks!

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Michelle Addison is every woman’s style guru. Along with her list of personal clients, Michelle oversees the bold looks of The Real Housewives of Vancouver, and the luxe looks of some high-profile stars, while they shoot in Hollywood North.